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Life Natter started out as a blog, ‘Oh sure, I’m gonna write something funny every day of the week for the rest of my life. But, will anyone read my blog?’ Nah, they’ve all got far better things to do like making nettle and fennel twig tea or nerve gas. So, plan B. Let’s make Life Natter a website, I’m a web designer, how difficult is that? Then there’s all the uploading and maintenance, I might as well have loads of kids. No Paul you can’t due to your sexual preferences, scrub that idea matey it’s impossible.

Remember what you were like when you were a teenager?

Then, I thought. Why not just publish it all in one place and sit back and watch the royalties roll in. I know, I know, don’t book the holiday yet. At least I will have tried.

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New Novel by Paul Delve - Dancing to Gabriel’s tune
publishing date August 2017

Despite London’s size and overwhelming diversity, occasionally it can seem a very ‘small’ place for its inhabitants. No matter how much you think you may be able to disappear into its ravenous jaws, chaos happens. All it takes to trigger these peculiarities, especially for the characters in this story, is a sudden change in life’s predictable pattern.

None of the characters in this story have a grip on reality, least of all Gabriel. Gabriel is a good guy, people like him, he's successful and intelligent, so why would anyone imagine he could be capable of being such an unbalanced manipulator?

Truth is, he's been consistently pulling people's strings for years whilst feeding his insecurities with nagging doubts and suspicions, all of which are pure fantasy. To be fair, Gabriel's family and friends don't have much of a grip on their sanity or integrity either, in many ways they are as deluded as he is.

Dancing to Gabriel’s Tune by Paul Delve

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